Our worship - congregation & services

All Anglican worship is grounded in common prayer.  Our church uses the Book of Alternative Services. We consider ourselves a parish in the High Church tradition and are seen as such by our fellow Anglicans in the Diocese.

St Philip’s congregation is a diverse group of worshipers who share a common bond of faith in God, which is guided by the traditional spiritual principles and beliefs of the Anglican Church. This congregational diversity is founded on an open and welcoming policy that invites all, irrespective of their age, race, sex or social standing.


Worship at St. Philip’s is centered around the Eucharist which is celebrated regularly three times a week with additional services during Lent and Advent. The majority of members attend the 10:00 a.m. Sunday celebration of the Holy Eucharist. A small but dedicated groups of parishioners attend the Tuesday evening (7:30 pm) and Sunday services (8:00 am).

Music programme

Music has long played an important part in the worship at St. Philip’s. We are a parish which loves to “make a joyful sound”.

The Sunday Eucharist service at 10:00 am is accompanied by an organist year round. Our choir has been a member of the Royal School of Church Music for over 50 years. It consists of semi-professional and amateur singers. The semi-professionals receive a stipend for the services that they sing. The choir is present at the 10:00 am Sunday service from September to mid-June.

The choir’s repertoire ranges from sacred Anglican music sung a capella to modern works, whatever enhances the worship of God. Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services are sung completely a capella to help us appreciate this ancient liturgy. Each year the choir prepares new and traditional music for our Advent Festival of Nine Lessons & Carols. This service has received excellent “word-of-mouth” over the years and helps bring new members to St. Philip’s.

The choir’s music is an integral part of the worship at St. Philip’s. Hymns are sung mostly from the old Book of Common Praise. The music director has been adding hymns from other hymn books to keep the music fresh.

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